@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Sijo For A Varsity Athlete, During His Senior Year [ /;\ ]

Lines of scrimage, long passes, and first downs have ended for the night:

now, in your attention, your new boyfriend (formerly bullied;

formerly being the key word, after your teammates intervened).

Bullied for eyeglasses, clumsiness, good grades, and love of

poetry, he put up with it for years, sadly; but you had not

experienced it until someone sneered loudly, "Slant-eyed homo."

This person was invited to a team meeting, after school;

but, declining the invitation, was compelled.  Swift discussion

led to a subsequent visit to the emergency room.

Now your lover, smiling shyly (his own tumescence not at all

shy) watches your clothes fall slowly to the floor (even your thong);

only those thigh high athletic socks---because he likes that.

Multiple embraces and thrusting of ardent limbs; deep, wet kisses;

contraction of powerful core muscles:  all this, releases

your sweetness onto his nakedness, his sweetness on to your socks.


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