To J. V. Cunningham

The rules of verse and grammar are ignored

here:  and you foresaw this, J. V. Cunningham.

They are, here, prostituted, raped, and whored

by poets manque who do not give a damn;

who do not understand that Poetry

is not downhome, town-hall democracy;

but, rather, a high meritocracy.

So said Cavafy, too, in The First Step---

that Poetry is not a sham to schlep;

but, rather, demands skill and artistry,

and love of language most importantly.

This Temple of---to---Poems will be restored

And poems will not be met with just the slight

and thoughtless comments in the words, "Good write."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This sonnet was written on an impromptu basis and was not planned.  I did not knoe that it would mention two of my favorite Poets.  My opinion of what Poetry is---a meritocracy, not a democracy---was formed in the mid-seventies, and reconfirmed in tje mid-nineties, during which I read both J. V. Cunningham and Constantine Cavafy/  I have seen nothing here to alter that opinion, but I have seen plenty that confirm it.

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