+ [*/+/^] 27.225 MHz: The Contempt Of Goliath, After LXX Psalm 151

I am Goliath, champion of all things Philistine.

These puny Israelites judge me as uncouth, crude, and obscene;

and, most horrific to them, spiritually unclean.

I shall mount upon those hypocrites the most ferocious attack

until I will have intruded

into their holy circles from which they think to have excluded

me, and I shall take from them that which they say I lack.

That which is theirs I shall take as mine---

for my gods have given me the right,

This land, this spade, is not theirs alone but an open site.

Upon that which they hold sacred, they who hate me for a swine,

I shall piggyback.


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