@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; After His Boy Friend's Senior Project And Graduation

We met during Freshman Orientation week.

In the full bloom of our adolesence, we did not

hesitate, on the last weekend before classes

actually began, to explore, however awkwardly, the

homogenous desires thrumming just below our flesh.

Prejudiced old prudes and haters shrilly denied that

we had any reason or right to love each other.

But we did; and, through our four undergraduate years,

I loved him because his hair never ceased to cascade

below his shoulders.  Always more shoeless than shod;

always more shirtless than clad; and always more defiant

toward the impositions of this world than compliant:

his paintings were abstractions in a department that

favored their own realism and demanded all majors accede to

it.  I renenber waking late, one Saturday morning, after a

delightedly late and erotic Friday night, to look upon my

boy friend---awake, although still naked, still wearing his socks

(ordinary residentail restrictions that affetced and afflicted

heteronormal couples did not intrude upon us, being

roommates in that all male dorm)---already ardently at

work on the first abstract painting of his undergraduate

career, which, when finished (after several weeks' effort),

he entitled Ejaculate (as a noun not a verb).  This was

followed by Seninal Vesicles and a companion piece, with a

title meant to be humorous, Sementics On Your Socks; and a

large mural, which hung on the wall of our room for almost the

whole final term of our freshman year, as he worked upon it (which

bore the title, The Ring Of Uranus).  Our life together was a

conforting triangulation of classes, lovemaking, and his paintings

(whichever one he happened to be assembling); and during the

last course required of any art major, the Senior Seninar, he

brought forth for that class the only painting of his that can be

considered a concession to realism:  Gaye And Bearing, In

Tights, Dancing On The Very Fabric Of Time And Space.

Tomorrow, he will graduate at the level called, with distinction.

But after we have departed the campus; and have made the

round of fanilial gatherings to celebrate his accomplishment; 

we will enjoy nakedness together and, thus, give expression to

our love.


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