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That was a particularly peculiar summer:

when you both attained fifteen years;

when he first told you he could not stop thinking about you;

when your appreciation of his slender, agile beauty

caused you to feel less awkwardly, less bookishly, ugly

(despite what others, not like him, might still have to say).

That was a palpably poetic summer:

when you first compared his profuse blonde curls to sunlight;

when you described his torso's deep tan, bare from the waist up, as vivid;

when you noticed that his "skinny" style jeans and his "crew" style socks

shared the color, exactly, of a cloudless, afternoon sky. and the

soles of those socks were deeply grass-stained because summer,

he told you during a memorable moment, was no time for shoes.

That was a privately passionate summer:

when, the first time naked with you, naked except---specifically---those socks,

he knelt before you and drew, as if from your soul's very core, the

surge of pleasure that launched the release of your sweetness upon him.


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The world is changing..even Saudi Arabia will be drawn in..and end its 

capital punishment 



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Thank you for that.  The

Thank you for that.  The expression of love should never be criminalized.  Even Oscar Wilde's case proved that.

Enjoy effulgent days,exquisite nights, unto

the exultations of Heaven.