@ 27.055 MHz: Les Bois!; The Old Poet's Address, 1; To His Readers And To His Lover

1.  To The Reader

Enjoy effulgent days and exqsuisite nights,

shimmering in the splendor of solar and stellar lights.

2.  To The Poet's Lover

The Cosmos illuminates (around, not just above)

the beauty of your boyishly boisterous love.

You have attained the age of informed consent

that no prude's prejudice can obfuscate or prevent.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the first stanza, the fictive speaker expresses my own good wish for the reader; in the second stanza, the fictive poet addresses his younger, but equally fictive, boy friend.

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The Poet must have immense

The Poet must have immense appreciation for his readers to craft such heartfelt grandeur. The words feel like the center of the universe, so sublime in importance and artistry. 


And the recipient of the lover's address received a precious jewel just as far-reaching, but from the depths of his heart. 


A double treasure. 

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Thank you for visiting the

Thank you for visiting the poem, and for the very kind compliment.  You always understand the effect I want a poem to have.

Enjoy effulgent days and exquisite nights.