The Untoward: On His Road To Uncovery

The Untoward, as he moves along his road

through space and time; and, he hopes, entropy;

will find, awaiting him, his destiny

and his unwavering heartseep's abode

which he will occupy eternally

even if he did not fully aspire

to this; nor ever bothered to discern

the presence of the possibility,

of which he will make stark uncovery---

that downward plunge into depths of Lake Fire

where he will suffer untold agony;

where, more than that pain (as he roasts and sears)

he will have to bear the worst of his fears---

that no one, so it wil seem, will be near

enough to him, as he squirms there, to hear

the words he will, still, spew forth ceaselessly.



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