Nocturnes: Unhallowed Man

[after Dalton's poem, "Midnight Breeze"]


I live in nightmares without dreams.

No one is here to hear my screams.
Out of the tomb, where I have lain,
I am summoned to agonized pain.


I imagine Troy must have looked like this---

the stark outlines of ruins glowing red as the flames

die into smouldering cinders.  In every direction

I turn, the landscape looks like this.

I seem to be alone here.  I cannot remember my name,

but I my own thoughts keep repeating, desperately,

A worm and no man . . . where the worm dies not.

No light remains here---the night is starless, moonless.

Every nerve in my body screams with searing agony,

but I cannot stand still to tend to myself.

Nothing numbs the pain, or the fear that I am alone,

and without the means to even hope for escape.

All glass is shattered to shards and I cannot discern

my reflection, and I do not think I want to do so:

I feel that I am becoming . . . mis-shapen,

the grotesquest version of myself that I can be,

as my soul emerges like a diseased discharge of pus

to consume and redefine the contours of my flesh.

Time slows to the drag of a hellish gravity;

hours dissolve to minutes that dissolve to seconds

that fracture into half-lives of half-lives,

and everyone is its own eternity,

collated and compiled and numbered to infinity


just for me,


and I believe I am the only damned.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem alludes to Psalm 22:6 and Mark 9:44.

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saiom's picture

 I read that Gehenna (hell)


I read that Gehenna (hell) was a burning trash dump near or in Jerusalem constantly burning, but that it eventually went out.  Not all agree with that interpretation, but I do.

God who is Love creates only Love.  God is omnipresent and is therefore inside of everyone, I believe.

I hope my opinions don't offend you



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Thank you, and your remark

Thank you, and your remark did not offend me at all.  I, too, have been told that the burning dump pile at Gehenna became a metaphor used by Jesus to describe Hell; but also, in Mark 9:44, Jesus states that the fire is not quenched.  I must, therefore, accept what He said; but I can only make that decision for myself.  But I took no offense to your comment whatsoever.


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