Circa 1976: Usque Ad Sidera; A Desire Poem For BlueLevels, 1

Most of our clothes are scattered on your bedroom floor.

As your warm, nearly naked embrace, envelops me;

as your eyes' glowing gaze peer into your soul;

and your lips and tongue persuade my desires to exposure

and I know that our bestirment waxes with your pulse

(and societal disapprovals are diminished to trivialities)---

you launch me to those secret places among the stars,

and space, there, is as mdinight blue and as soft

as the socks that you have kept on (and, I know:  to please me).

As waves of pleasure flow into, and over, and through me,

I can---at least for a few moments more---construct a thought:

in some epoch of the past I cannot name, or calculate,

did our our fleshes' elemental atoms

gather to swirls in a kind of  . . . what is the French word? . . .

frottage . . . within the light and warmth of

a distant, coalescing and fusing star?

And from that penetralia of illumination---

that stalwart bulwark against entropy's insidious drift---

were we released in the seven cascades

that followed, hard, upon seven surges,

the effect of as many tenses and contractions:

so that, in the Cosmic poem of which we are part,

our bodies' wild instincts to come together

is part of a stellar heritage,

older than life on this planet, and

too exquisite to avoid,

and too compelling to suppress.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Latin words in the poem's title are from Vergil's Fifth Eclogue; and, while I have used the phrase "Love Poem" elsewhere, I wanted to make this a poem about desire as an effect of stellar processes---a Desire Poem.

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