Circa 1976: Homage To Hilarius

[I thank those scholars who have written about, or explicated,

the poetry of Hilarius]


"Reticere tandem non valeo . . ."

---Hilarius, "Ad Guillelmum De Anfonia"


You have heard opportunity's faithful knockings;

and you that she offers, but never contritely begs

you to take, the advantage of opportunity,

and applauds the candor of your poetry,

which---adorned in Latinate purity---

stands apart from clodhopping perfidy,

as rife in your, as in my, century.

The love poems declare your glowing erotic joy

in the presence of that long-haired English boy---

an eager, inquisitive adolescent,

whose personality is sparkling, effervescent;

whose body is so splendidly beautiful

it just has to reflect the lineaments of his soul.

His vital and vivacious company

will need but little time or effort to inspire

those verses that will declare your love's desire;

to tell him---in dignified, Vergilian measure

(against which ignorances still conspire)

how easily you will cherish and treasure

those comfortable days and nights when he

and you will share the surges of intimate pleasure

He stands before you now, quite nakedly

poised (and, quite observant, he coyly knows

the way he effects you with each provocative pose;

then, moving as if in a choreography,

slowly draws upon his smoothshaven legs,

those sheaths of queen Cleopatra's design---

those most delicate Coan silk, sheer, golden stockings;

perfectly transucent, that diurnal light can shine

through them, except at the doubled weave around his toes.



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