Circa 1976: Provenance Of That Forbidden Drama, "Hatreds In Gaud"

His was a theology of admitted ignorance,

raised into the trappings of a mysterious Unknowing:

even when the sky disclosed its constellations,

he could not derive a single postulate as to a Maker.


His morality was represented by certain artistic idols,

in whom he had invested his hopes for the society he

had envisoned; the subtle imposition of his own prejudices

upon the masses of unlearned people for their own good.


Right and wrong were what he approved or disapproved,

or what granny and grampy had taught him, in childhood, to believe:

right was what he wanted to deserve,

and wrong was what others had that he happened to want.


One day, he glimpsed two naked adolescent boys---

each with long hair, dyed blue, and kohl around the eyes;

slender and agile, displaying an eager affection

with femine gestures, and giggles, and impassioned sighs;


the slow, but unhesitant, ardor of their kisses

brought the taste of vomit into his throat;

their playful limbs' movements were like choreography:

they were, after all, dancers on the Prefect's staff.


From that day on, his lectures became more disorganized;

his writings became more diffuse and attenuated.

The various rages in his mind assumed full voices and names,

and never stopped chattering maniacally within his slanted mind.


They say he wrote that drama, Hatreds In Gaud---

the first act is ghastly enough to read or watch;

the second act beckons some minds into ferocity;

the third act is an enthusiastic evocation of the most malignant evil.


The prefect suppressed the play's premiere,

for he preferred the mimes of his naked dancingboys,

which was no threat to the peace and calm of the city.

Other countries and governments have moved to quash it;


but once in a while it rears its hideous and feral presence,

a viral verbal pestilence that drives its audience to frenzy,

the need to harm some other who is different or unwanted:

Diocletian's villa; Paris; East London; Munich; Laramie.



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