To A Former Girl Friend [1977]

That summer, you forbid me to see Carrie;

just that film you proscribed for me, no other.

I thought your anger toward it was . . .  well . . . scary;

but two and two added up to your mother.


Later, rebuking me for all my scores

of flaws, you ranted that the metaphors

that you believed were hidden in Star Wars,

just could not batter down my mind's small doors.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have never met anyone else whose relationship was broken up by disputes about films, but I now believe (after forty-two years to consider the events, the causes, the aftermaths) that the foundation of our relationship (which finally collapsed beyond repair on Monday, January 9th, 1978) began to crumble during our repetitious arguments about these two films.  By the time we had relocated to the campus of our college, in September, 1977, she believed that Star Wars was actually a fifth Gospel.  Admittedly, one of its stars, the late Peter Cushing, was a devoutly assured Christian gentleman . . . but I do not think he, or anyone else, would consider that film to be evangelical.

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