To Pop And Possum On That Pound Of Excess

Out of that place I ain't surposed to menchen,

that place I left after my gradge eeation:


Pop . . . Possum . . . never did I call him great

as you are.  But, in this, I did not flub:

acknowledging his soul's part in a club,

like unto Milton's Pandemonium;

the chiefest names of which declare its sum---

Moloch, Asmodeus, Beelzebub . . .


His words, though, I do not appreciate . . . .


Thus, I have passed degreed examination;
I did not mean to pique the aggravation

of those who cower behind no edgy cation.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem is about three poets I studied similtaneously, at cowsledge, in 1978:  Pop Stevens, Eliot (called Old Possum), and Ez-Ez-Esra Pound.

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