The Leer Of Father William, And Its Appearance To One Of His Peers, 2

Skulking, scuttling, covert---Father William---

the surreptitious surveillance that you do,

amuses us all, and is, paradoxically, welcome,

because the counter clocks another view!


Yes, I try to find the hidden ("did hid") silver lining

in the accidentals of your often off-key whining.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a satire; Father William, in my minor oeuvre, is entirely fictive, and has his origins in what can only be termed a bad dream's references to Lewis Carroll's poem (refer to the notes of the first poem in this small sequence).


Lest SkulkingScuttler misinterpret and launch some rumors ftom his whine cellars (like Von Ribbentrop, now there was a whine seller), I do not postpoems only to see the counter's tally of views, although I do appreciate the poems being read.

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