Presentation And Collation Of Estranged Particulars And Peculiars

They tell me that a sincere imitation

is the sincerest form of flattery;

but, also, unsupported accusation---

made from the petulance of jealousy,

and need to feel included (childishly

possessive); in your perfidy,

a core of truth lies, as inanity

presents emotive instability.

Well on your way (and steeped in apathy)

to Lake Fire and its searing roast, damnation,

you pause the antics of your aggravation

(the frolic of your fussbudget frustration)

ftom pillory to post of admiration.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title is a parody of the title of an epidose of Outer Limits, "The Production And Decay Of Strange Particles."

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