Prolonged Delay In The Decrease Of Estranged Participles [Mature Read, Mixed Metaphors]

For one who was given what other people call a blank

check to enter and look about; and while there, may pull rank,

you seem to hesitate like some old bull that, once a stud,

and put out to the back pasture for slow days gumming cud;

or like some ancient primate who once showed off pulling pud,

Reactive with depleted coolant and a melting core

(yes, my poetic license does allow mixed metaphor),

you disappointed me when I opened the inner door

where you may drill down, if you wish---a drooling, toothless bore.

You run on like the foul ooze of a chronic, seeping sore.

Enlongated your shadow, but it proves much of your lite;

or else someone might think that you are really outasite.

Your bark is like an old stump's. where the dogs pee---not one byte

pf value can be found to lanch out of your silo mouth;

your beak, well north of there, must wish to disengage its south





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I do not apologize for the use of shameless puns.


The title is a parody of an Outer Limits episode, "Production And Decay Of Strange Particles."

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