Footnote: To A Stickler Out In The Sticks

You refuse to wear a mask

to prevent the spread of disease,

like Pap---who did not put a condom on task

to prevent the spread of your inanities

(he hoped a grit-tooth clench at his first surge

would stifle the microscopic tadpoles' travel urge).


Though the virus is not particular,

it may keep social distance from you to be sure.

Protecting your rights, you stand taller,

and your pride, and your small stature, starts to swell.

Speed-dial "the little woman" (as you call her)

and, with rough and ready eloquence, warn her

not to admit them masks to Cornpone Corner.

Tu(balcane)-Backy and moonshine will keep you both well.

As for the intrusion of a sponsored vaccine,

where you think they should inject it seems a bit obscene.



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