+ 27.225 MHz 109: An Extra---Sola Spiritus

God's Kingdom is not far from us, and any can draw near it.

The Gospel tell us how do that, if we read or hear it.

The Prince of this world tries to twist Christ's Word, to make us fear it.

Believers' earnest of Salvation is the Holy Spirit.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ephesians 1:14.

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This is the ultimate hope:

This is the ultimate hope: open arms to anyone who doubts their place in God's heart. Rather than preach, this message beckons and welcomes with a splendid, lyrical voice. 

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Thank you.  I had almost

Thank you.  I had almost forgotten to finish my Sola series, but today a heavy conviction came over me.  So I finished the original plan of five, and then read that some theologians have expanded them, so I added the extras.  I hope tbey will serve to help someone.  Thank you for your encouragement.