Circa 1976: Lines After Stevens' Poem, "Le Monocle De Mon Oncle"; An Invitation

The gate unlocked, the door wide open, march right in, "mein Onkle"

and dash against these stones your soul's seeping, gangrened carbuncle:

parade right through, jackbooted; I have given you full pass---

just jump right out from your covert, the Trojan Horse's ass,

and you may meet, within these lines, a different kind of Troi,

whose happiness you are hell-bent to disrupt and destroy;

but like a bloated dung roller you will barely annoy

that smiling, long-haired, shirtless, bejeaned, barefoot college boy.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem serves three purposes:  to extend an invitation that I thoughtlessly and selfishly had withdrawn some months ago; to give the most verbally accurate description of Troi that I can compose; and to fulfill a desire I have had since 1973, to use the phrase "bejeaned" (the source of which I cannot now, after forty-seven years, cite accurately) in a poem.


In the first line, I have used the German words for my Uncle, in tribute to one of my mother's German relatives who remained resident in Das Dritte Reich; the third line's allusion to jackboots parallels this.

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