Circa 1976: Why The Fading Supernova Shuddered With Delight

The distance of space absorbed the sudden flash of light;

the silence of space absorbed the force of the shock waves;

the vastness of space provided plenty of venue

to the countless atoms, the star released,

after the sevenfold surge that peaked in explosion;

and entropy will be further rejected.

In ages far forward, and a place far from here,

perhaps the other edge of the galactic rim,

an college freshman, alone in the planetarium.

is where the atoms ultimately collected.

These will be the soft cascade of his shoulder length hair;

those will be his eyes that glow with stellar' glimmer;

some will be his flesh and blood and bone;

others will be his shirt, hanging open, unbuttoned,

and this group will be his bare torso, beneath the open flaps.

That group right there will be his bell bottom jeans,

and another like them will be his new stripey socks;

as for his shoes, abandoned in the dormitory,

who knows exactly what atoms have become them.

But as we complete our own periodic table,

tracing the elements that become, or season, his beauty

(his soul, however, created by Christ's provident Grace),

his lover arrives eagerly, right on time.

The four pliant lips that meet in a tender kiss---

a long-awaited, slow and wet, erotic kiss---

also contained the precious atoms, fused in that star's core.

Across time and space, that dying star shuddered in delight;

as the lovers departed with plans for an exquisite night,

to bestow, upon each other, the various pleasures of love.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem began to form in my mind---I could almost feel the words jostling about---as I read the final stanza of "Nugatory Dreams" by Cascade.


The last line alludes to the final line of Constantine Cavafy's poem, "Two Young Men . . ."

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patriciajj's picture

Sublime and far-reaching, I

Sublime and far-reaching, I rolled down every line with ecstatic awe. I also have to give a shout out to the glorious work by the brilliant Cascade who sparked this blaze of cosmic sensuality. 


Again, sublime. 

Starward's picture

Thank you so very much.  Your

Thank you so very much.  Your acceptance and validation have helped me, from the beginning of this series, to construct these metaphors which, although fictive almost entirely, have allowed me to talk around, and even through, a friendship which I was far too cowardly to appreciate, in full, during its flowering in 1976.  After all the decades, I could not have expressed it without your mentoring and the inspiration of fine poets like yourself and Cascade.


Cascade's picture

This is absolutely

This is absolutely beautiful!!  I am in between work, but I had to stop in to read it, Starward. A magnificent piece of galactic artistry!!

Starward's picture

Thank you for that

Thank you for that compliment, and for your lines of poetry that inspired it.