Circa 1976: Message To PantyTwist's Self-Centered Self Central

Perhaps you reach the peak . . . of arrogance

when you believe that my poems' provenance

is only to provoke your aggravation:

that is a mis-read's misinterpretation;

but, I admit, a most attractive bonus---

though that effect is wholly your own onus

out of the center of your gravity,

your most deficient instability,

that you, to often, struggle to assert.

Your verbal spites are meant, but fail, to pain us;

launch them on a fast rocket to Uranus.
Meanwhile, BlueLevels has removed his shirt;

and tossed it over his abandoned shoes:

no time, now, to hear your practiced abuse;

and if you howl like some stray, horny car---

our c.b. has a squelch button for that.






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