Circa 1976: BlueLevels Responds, Verbally, To Our Playground Bully (Now Known As PantyTwist)

[transcribed into verse from a transmission

on channel twenty-two, in July, 1976]


That man you mentioned is a pounding controversialist;

more like a trumpet out of tune (what Paul called sounding brass).

His shrill shrieks, that have made him hoarse, prove him a horse's ass.

We really need to give him, on his own channel, a handle:

from his performances, may I suggest this:  PantyTwist;

under that appellation, he can troll the waves for scandal

to prove his soul has shipwrecked on the spiritual shoal's sharp rocks,

and really that is all his words' loud, virulent abuse

is (when you take them as he has intended them) about.

For you I will wait here, shoeless, shirtless, just jeans and socks

(soft, midnight blue, the color that reminds you of deep space;

and soon to offer slow caresses to your eager face,

when we, together, have this whole weekend night to make out).



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