Of "Less Human Genius Than God Gives An Ape"

Pop Stevens' monocled mon oncle, and Gerontion---

Old Possum's---precedents out of the Western Canon drawn,

I cite them for some characters that my own verses shape;

to meet your rants while, with your thumb thrust anally, you gape,

proving you have less human genius than God gives an ape.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title and the last line's quotation is from Alexander Pope's mock epic, The Dunciad, Book I:282.


The first and second lines allude to poems by Wallace Stevens and T. S. Eliot (on whom Ezra Pound bestowed the appellation, Old Possum).


My satire about Aw Shucks, the Downhome Poet, was taken by a Misreader to refer, Misreader believed, to someone else on postpoems . . . something I would never do.  I removed the poem because I was disatisfied with it, but the precedents cited in this poem are sufficient to justify any other satires I wish to write . . . about fictive poets.  If Misreader sees self, or others, in them, that is Misreader's problem, while, also, an obvious compliment to the poems.

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