Circa 1976: Poem About A Painting Titled Like Some Of Cavafy's Poems [Mature Read]

". . . a special kind of erotic pleasure . . .'

---Constantine Cavafy, "Picture Of A 23 Year Old . . ."


His long hair, middle-parted, fell over
his bared torso; and his complexion matched,
almost perfectly, his beige bell-bottom jeans;
his striped socks tightly hugged the contours
of his feet (and those sheathed toes? superb to depict
despite the discouragement of old prune-prudes).
His dark eyes were like glimpses of deep space,
and the gleam in them like newly constellated stars.
You tried to paint his beauty, and the way the light
played upon his body, like a lover's caress;
and you brought such attention to detail---
like his lips, that looked moist after a slow kiss

(and of course those toes, those delectable toes)..
Beautiful Boy, Twenty-two Or Twenty-three Years Old
you titled it, keeping his name anonymous
(although many will, later, try to obtain it, even
offering you a cash gratuity) and to protect him from
the inhumane thugs who liked to hurt beautiful boys;
beasts who think they are called to that by God Himself.
After the final sitting, he asked you to linger,
commenting that the project's title reminded
him of some of Cavafy's most explicit poems,
and thanking you to be included in that process.
As he removed his socks---he shyly asked you
(without regard to the thoughless nonsense of haters)
if you would like to make some daring photographs.
Then, after assurance that the portrait satisfied you;
and the photographs had been downloaded to a memory;
he removed his remaining clothing---even that silk thong---
in a way provocatively, suggestively, erotic . . . .



his lips upon yours admitted his saliva to your dry mouth;
and the way he gently embraced you answered all
further questions and dismissed those uninvited.
Then, through that evening's quickening hours,
he offered you the most playful, intimate affections'
sensual expressions of that exquisite, and long desired, love.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Following the style of metafiction, the poem is meant to be a meta-poem.  The source poem of the epigraph inspired my poem.  The last line, ending with the word "love," has, as certain other final lines in this series, alludes to the last line of Cavafy's poem, "Two Young Men, 23 To 24 Years Old."

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