Circa 1976: To Matthew And Francis, 1

The two of you were far, far better men

than those who speak of you with such a snide

contempt.  Their evils wholly override

couth and decorum that compassion's sense

requires (in past, present, or future tense)---

it happens now; its violence happened when

their brilliant lights were snuffed out as they died.

What theological or other glitch
compels the mouth of some son of a bitch
to dare deny them joy in Paradise?
(Who does so obviously has descended

from him who Jesus called Father of Lies;

doubtless that lineage ever is amended).



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title refers to Matthew Shepard (1976-1998) and Francis LaPointe (1993-2013); the former, bludgeoned to death in a savage beating; the latter cyberbullied to suicide . . . both persecuted for who they chose to love and/or desire. 


The twelfth line refers to John 8:44.


The sonnet is imperfect as an intended slight to the person described in the last six lines.

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