Circa 1976: About Matthew Shepard

[in memory of Matthew Shepard,

December 1, 1976-October 12, 1998;

his life blessed all of us;

his death shames all of us.]


I watched part of the documentary

about the terrible cruelty which
you suffered; ghastly, extraordinary

in rage, the rage of an inhumane beast,
and all I can do in this poem is bitch.
Each of your murderers serves a life sentence,
without, I guess, remorse or repentence:

they deserve to be tortured, daily at least.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the case of these two murderers, the protection from cruel and unusual punishment should be suspended.

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patriciajj's picture

It makes my head spin, the

It makes my head spin, the way even the worst savagery seems (and I emphasize seems) to go unpunished. And I agree, prison seems much too good for those subhuman creatures.


But we, in these human vehicles in this crushing mortal world, see "through a glass darkly" and who knows what karma or reaping what one sows or whatever you want to call it, awaits. 


But of course, that is only a small comfort because it always seems to be "someday" and that's too long to wait and it cannot undo the unthinkable atrocities this innocent person suffered. 


I'm really feeling this. I'm with you. 


Starward's picture

Thank you.  I appreciate what

Thank you.  I appreciate what you have written in your comment.