Circa 1976: Overheard Conversation, Channel 8, After July 10, 1976; CherryPicked

You taught him to know
from your sultry, voiced tone that
you were shoeless and
shirtless; your jeans tight, your socks
cerulean . . . soft . . . fragrant . . .




Author's Notes/Comments: 

CherryPicked's transmission, well north of our location, would not have been, normally, overheard.  But the use of a powermike, the very cloudless weather, and our own c.b.'s unusual ability to receive transmission from further than usually expected, made this possible.  Channel 8, which was not normally used in our neighborhood, was not nearly as populated as 22, so the conversation was more private and less interrupted.  Because the other party to the conversation was well north of CherryPicked's location, we were unable to hear that side of it.

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