+ 27.225 MHz 108, 3: On The Disregard Of Matthew 28:18-20; And John 3:17

Christ did not come into this world to judge
like some little man with a long-nursed grudge;

but rather to proclaim Salvation's good news,
and not one of Hell's most interior views.
Those who defy Christ's great commission
prove they have bound themselves to perdition;

but that is, rather, no shocking surprise:
the father they serve is the father of lies.
They threatened so many with ultimate loss,

as if to ignore Christ's blood-stained cross.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the grandfather of my grandfather, a hellfire/brimstone preacher, rejected by the local churches so that he could not obtain a pastoral position, but had to preach in a tent set up in a rented vacant lot.  I do not expect to meet him in Heaven; I don't think I will miss him there.

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