Circa 1976: Lines In A Single Room In The Dormitory

My nerves felt like a synthesizer"s hum
and my pulse like a syncopated drum;
the pestering question---where have you left from?
And one, more pointed---how soon will you come?
Then, at my door, your quietly eager knocks;
shoes, you wore against the sidewalk's many small rocks,
hand from one hand. As you entered the dorm, you socks
(brown and green stripes) drew stares, and your tee-shirt
(of fine mesh), removed, brought others near to flirt.
But their attentions you politely ignored;
they should have known, already, they would not have scored;
your smile reassured me---I allowed you to strum
the most vulnerable emotions (no longer mute and dumb):
a night together with me?---yes, for that you have come.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The astute reader may detect a pattern in the rhyme scheme  leading to an unspoken resolution.

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