Circa 1976: Graffito On An Alexandrian Wall, 2

"If only you had raised those monuments---
"to Hephaestion, dead at Ecbatana,
"interred at Babylon,

"and always naked in your tearful

"and intimate, unspoken thoughts."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Two translations were compared:  that of Mr. Le Docteur Ralph (circa 1759) and Herr G. Heim (prior to 1894).

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An eloquent tribute by

An eloquent tribute by someone who missed missed more than his loved one's cooking. Wink Enjoyed the translation. 

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Thank you.  I think our

Thank you.  I think our culture looks at Alexander so much as either a conqueror, or a conduit of Greek culture to many places outside Greece, and we tend to push aside the details of his personal life, and of who he loved and how he loved.