Taciturnity [Redux]

His scribblings, when they were reluctantly collected,
were often read as examples of tendencies to avoid---
the sloggish attenuation of his syllabically clumsy lines,
the long words sought from a thesaurus, but alien
to his usual clodhopping manner, and topics, of speech.
To satisfy the disinherited kinfolk's demand,
the university put on a reading of his, uh, Poems,

to the crowded lecture hall (because attendance
was required of certain majors in order to graduate).
The audience listened in bored, and undistracted, silence;
broken, sometimes, by muffled snickers at his

ungrammatical posturing---a voice from the dead,

that should have been left for dead in its arrogant

disregard for the canon and the proprieties of verse.


Up in the highest level of the balcony,
which had not been expected to be used at all;

where the old fashioned speakers did not carry well,
and the uncomfortable glare of artificial
lights did not assail the eye at all,


two long haired boys---clad in frontally unbuttoned shirts,
baggy cargo pants and matching brown and green striped socks,

their shoes conveniently left behind in the dormitories---
shared the mounting exhiliaration of intimate

kisses and caresses, their synchronized breathing accelerated;

completely obvious to either caution or inhibition,
the heat between them far more comfortable

than the restless body heat of the crowd---
slowly searing in boredom---in the "cheap seat" section below.




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