+ 27.225 MHz 108, 2: Of One Like My Grandfather's Grandfather---A Brimstone Spewer

I think our Lord does not appreciate
those who enshroud His Gospel with a spate

of shrill spew that is fully reprobate,
and leads only to this side of Hell's gate.

Tables willl turn someday, I have no fear:
those who persist in judgement that they boast

will be judged lacking, so much more than most,

and then impaled on sharpened spits to roast
thrust right through their immortal, frightened souls

and coming out, below, through their assholes,
there in the lake of fire, to boil and sear.



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I won't get into what I think

I won't get into what I think of religion, but this poem pretty much says it all.

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I agree, as, being what they

I agree, as, being what they call a particular Baptist, I make a distinction between faith, which is my dependence on the sovereignty of Christ, and religion, which is ritualized performance.  The term religion comes from a Latin phrase which means "to litigate" or "to bind."  I am not capable of binding, or litigating against, Christ, nor would I want to.


I am sorry for my delay in replying to this.  I am presently unwell, and I fall behind a lot.


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It seemed Jesus had the

It seemed Jesus had the harshest words to say to the smug, self-rightous, "religious" types . He even said tax collectors (their version of the mafia) and prostitutes would get into Heaven before they did. 


A well-constructed indictment of sanctimonious "brimstone spewers". Enjoyed. 

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Thank you.  I am ashamed of

Thank you.  I am ashamed of my grandfather's grandfather, and, while I have visited some of my other ancestors' gravestones, I have not gone to his---lest I encounter the temptation of spitting upon it.  When his son, my great grandfather, married the "illegitimate" daughter of a former prostitute (that lady, my great great grandmother Amy Jane, had worked in a brothel in New York City at the age of fifteen, and, upon being impregnated by one of her "customers" she left the business, came west to our area, and married the son of a rich man who owned the several mills on the creeks outside of their town).  When her daughter married into our family (marrying my great grandfather who refused his own father's demand to enter the ministry, and became a successful farmer instead---and they made thirteen babies!), the brimstone preacher split the family apart with his constant complaining such that even the astronmer stayed away long enough to lose touch with our branch).  Ooops, I talk too much, sorry.