+ 27.225 MHz 108, 1: To One Like My Grandfather's Grandfather---A Brimstone Spewer

Commanded by the Christ Himself to tell
others of the good news of full Salvation,

he seems to like consigning them to Hell;

glad to assail them with threats of damnation.
He drives them from the Gospel:  in this way,

he serves his father---father of all lies---

by pushing lost folks even more astray

in his shallow, holier than thou guise.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My grandfather's grandfather, to whom I will not apply the double "great," was a hellfire and brimstone preacher, unwanted by any local church due to the content of his preachings.  He majored far more on damnation than Salvation.  His newphew, who became a professional astronomer, discovered a nebula in the Ursus Major constellation; but his uncle, my grandfather's grandfather, cast his own gaze more toward hell than the Heavens.


This poem is number 108 in this series.  108 is the product of 6 (number of imperfection) times 6+6+6 (and you know whose number that is), and so appropriate to this poem.

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