Circa 1976: Jade's Visit To The Local Creek

At the creek's edge,
on this sunny afternoon,
on an ordinary weekday of
mid-summer; at the creek's edge,
you pull off your mesh tee
and shoes (worn here by necessity)
to step into the water---shallow here,
no more than ankle deep.
You do not mind that your denim
bell bottoms, and midnight blue socks,
immediately become wet.
You say, "It feels kinda nice."
I say, "It looks kinda good," and is
more than kinda poetic.
The bottom gravel is fim but not
hurtful beneath your soft-sheathed soles.
This place is very serene; a rural setting
at the edge of a small, and small-minded, town.
Tadpoles and crawdads dart or scuttle
around your feet. Cam they look up,
and, if so, experience the beauty
of yout presence, seasoned by that
metallic blue hair, softly cascading
over your bare and supple torso?





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