+ 27.225 MHz 102: On The Five Solae; Sola Fide

[after 2 Timothy 1:12]


Like Saint Paul, I know Whom I have believed;

Who saved me.  By faith this gift is received,

and in Christ is kept steadfast, firm, and sure;

His promise made my trouble soul secure.



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A calming anchor of truth,

A calming anchor of truth, expressed with sincerest devotion. The sublime and precious hope lifted my sights. Thank you. 

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Thank you so much for that. 

Thank you so much for that.  I really appreciate your words.  While many poems that I post seem to be my own choices, the Solae series seemed to demand to be written, and I still have two more to complete.  Although confined to a chair right now, and for the most part homebound, I am still able to bear witness.  Thanks again for this very encouraging comment.