+ 27.225 MHz 098: Prayer For My Upcoming Birthday (That Is, Of My Flesh)

Lord, let this birthday be my own eleventh hour.
Restore, to me, the full joy of Your great Salvation;
to feel Your Love's gentle embrace in stirring power;

imbue my soul with more Christian sanctifiation;
and help me let go of the burden of this grudge

against those, who without a spiritual foundation,

believe that they are qualified, though lost, to judge
my faith-practice as failure steeped in hopelessness.
Lord, help me to just disregard minor duress---
like that stumbling blockhead's simpered attenuation.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Matthew 20:1-16; Psalms 51:12 and Hebrews 2:3; Isaiah 57:14 and Romans 14:13.


June 17th is the birthday of my body.  January 9th of 1994 is the birthday of my spirit, the day on which I was called to the salvation of the elect at a local Baptist church.

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Amen to your spiritual

Amen to your spiritual salvation!

(Birth) Happy Birthday to your body

may it be blessed with good health!

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Thank you very much. 

Thank you very much.  Unfortunately, for this birthday, I am chair- or bedbound, trying to regain the use of my legs, with some others problems brewing, including an abdomnal aneurism.  I certainly ask anyone who is willing to pray for me.