Circa 1976: A Poem For Troi

In poems subsequent to this, I will call you Troi;

you who brought to my summers so much private joy---

a friendship of which we were advised not to speak

because of certain social havoc that would wreak

in church, in our school, and to our two families

(and, even now such condemnation does not cease
from those who think that they just have to make remarks;

not canine, but their bytes are far worse their barks).

Your body is a metaphor, and simile,
expressive of this present series' poetry;

as you have given the best of yourself to me---
not in carnal tropes, but in spirituality;

your flesh is contoured to these poems own Ilium:

you asked to lead me there.  With you, I want to come.



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patriciajj's picture

An absolutely gorgeous

An absolutely gorgeous tribute to the heart, mind and soul of someone who was instrumental to your journey and who inspires you still. It shimmers with everything friendship should be. 

Starward's picture

Thank you for the comment,

Thank you for the comment, for reading the poem, and for understanding its purpose.  I have hopes that you will see more of Troi in the near future.  I am also embarrassed that I forgot, because of being loopy due to a medical procedure, of telling you that I had changed the ReDux series title to Re 1976 Et Al.  Because the poems in this series are, almost all of them, metaphors for a friendship experience from that time, I decided that would be a better title.  I think I have gotten my many typos out of this reply---I am making many silly errors due to the medicinal loopiness---so I am going to send this off now.