ReCyclical: Speech To Candidates Seeking Emploment In Our Ministry

We who claim by birthright Origination
give neither physical nor spiritual
proof, evidence, or other demonstration---
or from objective parties' observation---
of even the least part of deviation;
the racial scourge of dread degeneration
even a fraction can corrupt the whole
purpose, process, and (ultimately) goal
of interstellar Collectivization.
Those who are found to make a presentation
of mind or body altered by mutation
will be exiled among the Alternation,
on planets where the local Radiations
(so many kinds, all sorts of variations
noted by number with the subscript, MU,
some ancient letter) caused their transformations
expressed in bodies that are grossly changed,
or in emotions from our own estranged;
sign of their low inferiority,
seen in our high superiority
on which we have raised our hegemony.
Someday we will commence exterminations
to spare our purest future generations
from those like these two, here (a brief look shocks
Originated Sensibility:
each is a rather perverse specimen---
grown boys of adolescent masculine
form; but they strive, with utmost care,
to bring revisions to outward appearance
(long tresses, lithet limbs and the interference
of cosmetics---hair dye, eyeshadow, gloss
upon the lips) to give maleness a toss.
Their planet offers very tropic weather,
so that they are, customarily, bare---
except for gaudy, thigh-length, patterned socks
that they wear without any need for shoes,.
As couples most of them consort together,
kissing, caressing, strolling hand in hand
to vulgar private rooms, in color, coral,
a sign that, there, they are welcomed to do
all manner of activities immoral;
and all decorum they boldy eschew;
compliance is a virtue they refuse.
We will not stand for such a flaunted ruse,
nor shall our moral valueables compete
with the disruptions caused by their conceit.
It is almost a criminal abuse
of the genetic concepts of our race.
The likes of them defile our destiny
that gave us the conquest of settled Space.
Thus we will not allow the toleration

of radical and purposed degradation

of our success in Collectiviation.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the title, the word "ministry" is used in the political sense, like a cabinet ministry; not in the ecclesiastical sense.

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