+ 27.225 MHz 81: Like The Hellfire Preaching Of The Grandfather Of My Grandfather

Your repetitious rants about damnation

fail to pronounce our Lord's Gospel's good news,

unlike those who rejoice in proclamation

of Grace received by Faith unto Salvation.

Your words---less Biblical, and more your views---

belie, perhaps, a spiritual desperation:

it sounds stern, but is weak, and quite deceived.

Perhaps you never have fully believed.

Real Christians are called to a great vocation---

to help others to find the vital path,

rather than bring announcement of God's wrath.

Your rather tedious vociferation---

that seems to relish sinners' condemnation

(not yours to judge) to seething fires of hell---

has less of God, but much from you , to tell.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hesitate to call him my great great grandfather.  The single portrait of him in my possession shows a rather hostile expression, and he was not much spoken of in our family---as though they wanted to avoid the thought of him.  Family gossip says that no local church would provide him a venue in which to preach, due to his attitude toward people he judged as sinful, and he was compelled to rent a vacant lot, put up a tent and folding chairs, and conduct his version of worship services independently.  Oddly, his nephew became an astronomer who discovered a galaxy in the constellation of Ursa Majorl but the so-called preacher seemed more focused on the presumed population of hell than on the glory of the Heavens.  I think an interesting aspect of the Gospel is that Jesus mentioned only one person presently in torment (in Luke 16); and that His Ministry was to bring Good News, not bad news, to the sinful---of whom, like Saint Paul, I can reasonably claim to be chief.

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