Matthew The Tax Collector Owned A Dog

Matthew the tax collector owned a dog;
and she was a most remarkable canine.
We often thought that she was very malign:
the names of the tax delinquents she chased---
could outlist a pagan epic's catalogue.
(Although they ran, but she was never outraced;
though she was as unclean as a hog.)
But when Jesus came among us, to speak
of the Kingdom, the dog became quite meek.
Neither flies nor outside noises bestirred
her attention. She stared as if she heard
each sentence He said, maybe each word.
After that, Jesus, showed none of our fears
around her, and none of our typical dread---
but took His good time to scratch behind her ears,
then gently petted her enormous head.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lest the literal reader complain, I admit this is a fiction set in the time of Christ's ministry.

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patriciajj's picture

Whimsical and moving. I

Whimsical and moving. I absolutely adore the idea of telling the story with the focus on the sinner's pooch who found God the way all beings do: through unconditional love. An adorable and inspiring story. 

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Thank you.  Your comment

Thank you.  Your comment leaves me speechless.