ReContoured: Explanation To Another Poet

How can I tell you, and with what words?---
how her naked curves determine my desire:

like a poet planning epic lines;

like a graduate student researching a dissertation;

like an astronomer tracking some stellar event;
but not like some perverse poseur's prevarications.


And when she comes to me,

fulsome and bare,

except for a pair
of bargain priced, "supermarket," knee-high hose,

tan, and sheer down to the reinforced toes,

her iambic footsteps command

my accelerating heartbeat and rapid breath,
and she agrees

to admit me to the mysteries
that Love offers---the bliss that is its cosmology's.



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georgeschaefer's picture

Other poets are the hardest

Other poets are the hardest people to convince.  I've sometimes had better chats with brick walls.  LOL.  nice poem

Starward's picture

Thank you for the compliment,

Thank you for the compliment, and you are exacrlt right:  other poets are simetimes very difficult in ordinary conversations.