+ 27.225 MHz 049: I Asked Uncle Breve

I asked Uncle Breve

"What should I believe?"
He said, "What you receive
"will merely deceive

"your senses.  You will grieve
"and think your mind has taken leave

"with nothing left you to retrieve.
"What a net you will weave

"to trap your heart's final heave."


That was the answer from Uncle Breve,

with a gaze that positively leered;
with that deranged haircut and his big mouth

still gaping above that flea-ridden beard

that dangled beneath his chin, south.


At his final breath

his "wisdom" proved false and pretended.

The prospect of immediate death,

having crossed time and space,
came like a holy terror,
and he began to realize
his lifelong error:

to his self-righteous surprise.

To his own self he had lied,
and so he died---

and not a little offended

and without saving Grace.

You should have seen the look on his face---

unearthly shock, and his eyes, with fear, distended.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

[Imagine eerie music, like from one of the old Universal horror films of the 30's or 40's, and words pronounced in an icy whisper:] You know who you are.

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