ReConfigured: Aubade, 4

The morning sun's light
streams on a slant through the freshening air;

streams through the polished glass panes
and past the lace curtains
to her bed when she lays---her nakedness
safe from the peers of perverse prudes.
Prone with her legs flexing slowly,

her feet and toes flexing eagerly,
she enjoys the sunstreaks caress
upon the curves she has exposed.

And I, minor poet, imagine
those irridescent light-rays emerging

from the fusion of hydrogen to helium;

soaring from the seething, solar core

into the chromosphere and past it,
out of the corona as inter planetary
darkness is dispelled by its pathway

(darkness that cannot resist the light)

toward the third---the cerulean---planet;

and then to reach the ultimate destination:

to touch, even, caress her fulsome, naked flesh---

herself the fusion of spirit and star-stuff.



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patriciajj's picture

Loving this surge of romance

Loving this surge of romance jolted even higher into a stratosphere of bliss through a solar journey and back . . . to the object of your desire. And that soft landing of "spirit and star-stuff" A stunner. My respect. 

Starward's picture

Thank you so very much.  You

Thank you so very much.  You just made my whole night!!!!!!