+ 27.225 MHz 047: Fish Stench And Morning Imbibing

Base cowards before Pentecost,
the twelve Apostles never lost---
afterward---the opportunity
to preach the Gospel of Christ eagerly.



Accused of fish-stench and morning imbibing
by priests, high and low, and those busy scribing,
they did not compromse Heaven's entry conditions,
or those self-directed (thought choicest) decisions
that led to the entrance of Hell's perditions.



Eleven of twelve were murdered---martyred---
for their spiritual fidelity
to the uneditied Words of Jesus;
against this lost world's perfidy.


"What is truth?" and "Hath God said?"
invites the investment of thirty silvered pieces;
more than merely a potter's field.

"The shepherd smitten, what of his flock?---
"Let us hand those sputtering sheep their heads and fleeces."


Tortured and twisted on frames of agony,
eleven of twelve were murded
for devotion to their convictions---
such deaths deny philosophers' fictions.



I think of that picture of Saint Luke strung up
to entertain a day-off audience.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The reader can look up the Biblical references if needed.


I do not, personally, believe that the Evangelist and physician, Saint Luke, was murdered into martyrdom.

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