+ 27.225 MHz 044: Tuesday December 7, 1976

Returned to home, first Christmas break from college,
I came back---still a clumsy botcher,
uninterested in the parental expectation
of the amount of acquired knowledge.

Yet, I had enough appreciation---
despite Lloyd and Betty's aggravation---
to know the opportunity was choice
at the sound of the elder, most Major, poet's voice,
whispering to confirm the appellation,
and from those syllables quietly heard
came, in time's revelation, Starward.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The voice seened to be that of the great Poet, T. S Eliot, whose work I had been studying for the previous seven or so weeks.

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Your Muse bestowed upon you a

Your Muse bestowed upon you a glorious name . . . for good reason. There would be many stellar works of art in your future. Thank you for hearing the call. 

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Thank you.  Sometimes I flee

Thank you.  Sometimes I flee from it, as you saw recently, because, being an adopted child, I have always had identity issues.  I hope I have settled at this late age; I hope I am a bit wiser than I used to be.  Thank you for the comment and encouragement; you are always so kind to me.