+ 27.225 MHz 043: Redefining A Poetic Term

Star-crossed: has meant unfortunate, harrased by conniptions.
But theology should redefine this one of Shakespeare's descriptions.


Truth told:  the Bright and Morning Star was brutally crucified.
Through His death, our souls have been redeemed and sanctified.


His Resurrection from the grave has secured our ultimate destiny.
Sin, the devil, and death have been cast down by Christ's victory.


God's Love is so infinite, and not willing that any of us should be lost.
In that sense of Jesus's death on the cross, the saved have been STARCROSSED.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Revelation 22:16:  Christ as the Bright, Morning Star---the final metaphor with which He describes Himself.

Galatians 6:14:  to appreciate the effect of Christ's Cross.

2 Peter 3:9:  God is not willing that any should perish (that is, to be lost to Salvation).


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I love your transformation of

I love your transformation of the term. An inspired perspective that turns tragedy into triumph, and reminds us of our ultimate hope. Brilliant. 

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Thank you very much.  I woke

Thank you very much.  I woke up, yesterday morning, with this poem already in my head.  To me, that was a sign to get it posted as quickly as I could.  I hope, perhaps, that it will help shift the meaning of the term.