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More faith was required to question God's existence
than to believe this damned steel contraption would not sink;


but they had advertised it to be unsinkable

the way so many Christians advertised their faith.


So she wrapped the lifejacket around her

and made her way to the slightly tilting stern.


And when the stern plunged beneath the water's dark surface,

she took a last glimpse of God's constellated sky,


as the water's chill stopped her empty heart,

and her corpse sank with the other debris,


to rest in the mud not far from the broken stern;

where the ravenous microbes devoured her flesh and blood.


And all the corrective words she had spewed at ears uninvited

were forgotten before the sinking headlined the media.


The lifejacket had been as defective as that ship . . .



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patriciajj's picture

Riveting work. With seamless

Riveting work. With seamless flow and skill, you illustrated the futility of pride, and added a jab at self-righteous: "the way so many Christians advertised their faith." Love that. A hard-hitting, unforgettable message. 

Starward's picture

Thank you for your precise

Thank you for your precise understanding of the poem and its intentions.  I was a little hesitant to post it, but your comment validates my decision.