Rejoicing In Her Morning: An Epyllion, 1

[after Alexander Pope's epyllion, The Rape Of The Lock]


"hactenus historiae: nunc ad tua deuehar astra . . ."

---Propertius, Book IV, 1


How you, Lady Contentment, have prepared
to meet your Poet at the bardic pool---
the water gathered in a natural
rock cleft, front of a grotto's entrance---say,
my fulsome Muse, that this epyllion
(despite the doubters who might criticize
its purpose) may serve as a compliment
to you, and to your body's lovely shape,
and to your sweet soul that inhabits there.
And I, for my part, as your Poet and
unworthy servant---privileged above
all others to bask in the ample grace
of your voluptuas love and kindness:
I shall remove myself and then write as
the voice of a third person as you give
me words to speak about you in the way
that you deserve, as well as to dispel
the doubts of haters and old prudes as well:
let them be sentenced to the might have been.
Now shall this small epyllion begin. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be continued . . .

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