ReContoured: She Muses 2Kittens 2Gether

Forty years between them, twenty each; beneath

a hefty quilt, up to their chins, on the shared bed;

his slender frame snuggled against her fulsome curves;

both of them have been deliriously naked---

well, except for their similar stripey socks.

The rigid structure of their alma mater

had exiled both of them to the periphery

of so called unpopularity,

because they did not fit, or defied, strictures and structures.
But now, together they do not care.

Their moments compose a world of their own,

where polo shirts and deck shoes cannot intrude---

and neither one cares for shoes very much anyhow.

Look at the smiles on their faces as they sleep,

having spent themselves on gently thrashing love---

plumbing the depths of their desires,

exploring all the positions eight limbs can devise

(when no more bound by collegiate expectations)

learning a wordless language for lips and tongues.

Let us withdraw, slowly and quietly,

to some other ten-twenty where we can
continue this conversation almost to dawn;

while they rest comfortably tonight,

in ten-twentythree and ten-nineteen shape,

already dreaming of tomorrow's ten-seventeen:

walking to class, hands clasped, in the afternoon's

heat---barefoot together, their grass-stained feet

almost concealed by their denim jeans' widened flares.
Let us not disturb such peaceful slumber,

and such erotic smiles upon their faces.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is an ekphrasis.  The title is drawn from a grafitti I saw in a local park more than two decades ago:  2Lovers 2Gether 4Ever.

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