ReConfigured: Blue Variations

Her long tresses are cerulean,

with a random streak or two of deep purple;

and they fall over her naked breasts

with a wild, almost unkempt, abandon;

tnhe very softness arouses her.

Those who disparage the use of cosmetics

will not appreciate her use of eye-shadow

that matches to her hair color perfectly.

Her long socks (we used to call them "thigh-highs")

are a grayish blue, perfect for chilly dismal days.

Shoes only rarely confine her feet in those socks;

and even those brief moments pique he reluctance.

But now, with shoes far from her conscious thought,

she begins to peel those long socks from her legs---

slowly, no hurry whatsoever, a casual tease

because she knows I am watching, and she seeks to please

me, though I am undeserving (yet, she claims me

out of this whole lost world that she now ignores).

When her bare feet at last emerge from those socks,

her toenails show off a painted combination

of cerulean and deep purple.

Her color coordination, as she has chosen it serves

to compliment the tone and softness of her naked curves---

which I shall praise in poetry until I am blue in the face.


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patriciajj's picture

The slow reveal, the sensual

The slow reveal, the sensual details, the casual elegance all conspire to sweep us right into the moment with you. It's pure pleasure to read your work. 

Starward's picture

Thank you so very much.  Your

Thank you so very much.  Your comment is very encouraging, especially coming on the day I have begun a sequel series called Remedia Amoris (the series title is from a Latin poem by Ovid).  I will continue to add to Ragged Meadows as needed, but the sequel series will apply the beauty of curvacity to various scenes from history or classic poetry.